My work is a study of the gaps between experiences to which we typically attach profound meaning. Through drawing, I explore the world of daily routines, monotonous activities, insignificant objects, and offhand remarks. On the one hand, this is an attempt to find profundity in the mundane details of life that often comprise the bulk of human existence. Conversely, my drawings acknowledge the seeming disconnect between this minutia and the pursuit of existential fulfillment. In dealing with everyday objects, the work also examines mental and behavioral patterns, which are often manifested visually in the form of recurrent marks and patterns. These marks represent the sort of reiteration in which meaning becomes increasingly unclear, as in semantic satiation (the repetition of a word until it loses attachment to its meaning). In that vein, the work has begun to depict a sort of mental numbness resulting from overstimulation by a cacophonous stream of consciousness. Pattern and disorder occur simultaneously. This sense of incongruity is furthered via textual and visual non sequiturs, erratic mark-making, and redacted information, wherein previously visible elements are obscured from view and formerly lucid thoughts become unclear. 

    In all of the work, the viewer is thrust without context into an unfamiliar moment of consciousness, an ambiguous fragment of an unknown train of thought. In isolating these transient moments of consciousness, I seek to examine the mechanisms by which a seemingly disparate set of thoughts and actions accrue meaning and coalesce to form a narrative.